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The Xbox Live Gamer Tags listed here were harvested from this thread over at the DDRFreak forums. That thread has since been locked, but I keep this page up for people who want to do reverse lookups.

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Gamer Tag Forum Alias Skill Level
Adam Singer Bemaniac No info
AiROMsX ddRussianPimp No info
Aliee N DDRcontrollerMASTER No info
AmFm AmFm No info
Andy17771 METALLICA No info
Archidemius Archidemius No info
AtomicJbean jbean3535 No info
Axis Axis No info
beavstir3 mastermind3k No info
Benmahalf DDRingTidus No info
bobthegreat dec0y No info
BPTX DDR_Demon No info
chill chill182 No info
Chounouryoku [Chounouryoku] Hielostar 6-8 footers
Codernaut codernaut No info
Crimson Joker Illusion of Team Inifinity No info
Cowman715 Cowman715 No info
DDRJeffP UME-Type2 ~mr.KATASTROFY~ No info
djluminus DJ_Cryztallus 9 footers
dOdAcHAcHA SoccerEBA3 No info
dragon welp godofgamecube45 No info
Drum Logos Drum Logos No info
DudleyBoy3D Phirate Riot Cruelty No info
DuelMasterB4U DMN of AIM No info
Ebolamonkey84 Ebolamonkey 8-9 footers
Eiaat T3h V1nC3 No info
enj0i NorCal Kid No info
eRiC TiKo eRiC TiKo No info
Evofusion Evofusion No info
feardadonkey FearDaDonkey No info
Fecies of a Nun Feces of a Nun No info
FinFangFoom G Dub No info
FITHlan Sinistar 5-7 footers
Gene Defect genedefect No info
GepettoZHog GepettoZHog No info
Gimcrack juicey No info
goleafs28 GoLeafs28 8-9 footers
goodluckpineapple goodluckpineapple No info
H2OBaron PabloElton No info
Hard Glock Café DDR-1 No info
highwaystarx HighwayStarX No info
Jediboy Jediboy No info
jesterguy JeStRvIpEr No info
K Os Factor drwho32387 No info
KamakazeKat JAS No info
KazuyaWaruasobi KazuyaWaruasobi No info
KCEH01 Order of Chaos No info
Kloaked Spirit Kloaked Spirit No info
KymeraEx Kymera No info
Laserbeamcannon Laserbeamcannon No info
L337 M4573R Sai sai_325 No info
Legend Khris ManiacKhris No info
Legend of Max wesdives No info
LoCalDJ LoCalDJ No info
Mazer350 mazer351 9+ footers
Mike Kelehan mkelehan No info
Mobile Mayhem Mobile Mayhem No info
Mozee XBlade No info
MTH61 BboyShadowz No info
Mystikal Soul (z3r0) No info
NeoNex NeoNex No info
Nexion ~MJB~ No info
Nocturnal Force Nocturnal Force No info
Oder Ofo 31 Oder Ofo 31 No info
OrientedStone b4rb3r No info
Phreak88 Phreak88 No info
p0sty Golden_Salmon 9 footers
RacketyPants indabeat No info
RagePenguin RagePenguin No info
Rav3nous Rav3nous No info
RepDaEastSide87 MJSi24 No info
Reverie dlm dlm No info
RyogaTELB RyougaTELB No info
ryujiikata ryujiikata No info
sh4d0wc4t m00nlight_5h4d0w No info
shmigheghi shmigheghi No info
Sk8Krux Sk8Krux No info
stc StarCreator No info
Stopclock Stopclock No info
Tashi Tashi No info
TheHashKiller ziggy4719 No info
The Rellik Rellik No info
TheStars84 SilverStar8403 No info
T Murda 2003 T Murda 2003 8+ footers
Tolookah tolookah No info
TORXTEC MrJ2006 No info
tw3nz04 twen 9 footers
Ultra poke Diet No info
UltraSolid kojiko No info
Vater5B Vater5B 6-8 footers
WaTiZiT9312 )D(D)R(!)K(I)D( 7-9 footers
Weaselfingers Weaselfingers No info
WhiteWulfe whitewulfe No info
Witty Dog splinter271 No info
x Baby Face x Baby Face No info
YeehawMcKickass Yeehaw McKickass No info
Canadian Drugs Canadian Pharmacy No info