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04/05/2005 3:54 PM -- I've finally created a full-on guide for making an RO cbox cable. Hit the link on the left to read it.

03/02/2005 5:28 PM -- Okay, I hang out on a couple of DDR related forums and there are always questions associated with the various projects here. Well, instead of trawling all these different places seeing if people needed help, I figured it was easier to just set up some forums here. So yeah, here are the forums. Enjoy.

01/23/2005 1:41 AM -- Hey, an update! Flux owners who plan on importing Pump It Up Exceed will probably want to check out the new v2 CF PIU Exceed Control Box guide. Yes, if you want the game to work, you have to make a special cbox for it. Either that, or you can just play on the included soft pad. It's your choice. :)

I'm still working on that kid-sized Cobalt Flux. Everything was going great until I had vacation time. I spent two weeks playing games rather than work on projects. Obviously, I'm back in a project mood, so here's hoping I make some progress on that.

DDR4Health continues to get updates, though I don't think anybody is reading it.